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Apes' Enigma--A puzzle possessed by many apes--much like the apostrophe.

As with most of my work, this one has turned into a way bigger baby than I originally imagined--as in twelve volumes told from probably twelve points of view. From my perspective, it is beautiful and amazing and I can't wait to share it with the world. Unfortunately, I do have to wait until I finish getting the first few books down on the page. Check out the original Q&A page.

Apes' Enigma Sample Chapter!!! This comes from when it was a singular ape's enigma.

Alien Perspective is the publishing company for Wynette Hoffman (aka W. A. Hoffman, author of the Raised by Wolves gay historical series). Please explore the individual book and series pages for information about Ms. Hoffman's completed work. Please direct any questions to info@alienperspective.com.