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"... He was so very close. And though I had no promise of that which I desired, there was still the tenuous thread of hope. And that slender siren call wakened the beast of loneliness that had lived within my heart since I first learned that some people are loved and I was not. It howled that my sheep would not and could not ever love me as Gaston might. And thus the choice was no longer within the purview of my rational mind, and therefore not mine to make."

Brethren: Raised by Wolves, Volume One - W.A. Hoffman

Published April, 2006 – Trade Paperback: 978-0-9721098-2-6 – $19.95 - 544 pages

Act One: chapters 1 through 26 - wherein we meet Will, and he falls in love with Gaston, becomes a buccaneer, and goes roving against Spanish shipping as a privateer in 1667.

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Romance In The West Indies 

Wherein, the Viscount of Marsdale, duelist, libertine, dilettante, and haphazard philanthropist, travels to the colony of Jamaica to establish a sugar plantation for his estranged father. 

Once there, he finds he has much in common with the buccaneers of Port Royal. Thus he joins them and learns of the strange traditions, tactics, and customs of the Brethren of the Coast. 

Falling in love, he partners with Gaston, the mysterious French madman known as The Ghoul, and discovers another as noble, disenfranchised, and scarred as himself. 

Together, they explore an end to loneliness, and seek to exorcise the demons of their pasts, in a wilderness torn by war and ambition.

All sample chapters on this site should be considered mature material and unsuitable for younger readers.

"...The increasing emotional attachment and sexual tension between Will and Gaston is especially finely paced, escalating at calculated yet highly natural-feeling intervals that allow Hoffman to reveal his characters’ back-story in perfect-sized bites. Unfortunately (and magnificently), the trilogy itself is equally deliberately paced over all three books—now I’m impatient for volumes two and three." —Jeff Matthews - Frontier - June, 2006

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