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       He sobered and spoke with increasing agitation. “I feel I have never known love before as I have this last year, and I feel that is balanced by the amount of hate I now find directed at my person. It is as if there is some giant scale where such things are weighed. I feel I must surely be hated by all the men on Île de la Tortue in order to balance the scales against the love I receive from you and our friends.”
       I smiled. “Well, my love, then gird yourself well, because you will surely gain the enmity of all who live, as I see no end in sight of my regard for you.”
       He looked away, and a smile played about his lips until it finally claimed his mouth. “Damn you.”

Matelots: Raised by Wolves, Volume Two - W. A. Hoffman

Published May, 2007 – Trade Paperback: 978-0-9721098-3-3 – $21.95 - 606 pages

Part One of Act Two: chapters 27 through 52 - wherein Will and Gaston work out the problems in their relationship, start planning for the future, and participate in the Henry Morgan raids on Puerto Principe and Porto Bello in 1668.

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Marriage in the West Indies

Wherein, we follow the continuing adventures of the buccaneer Will and his beloved matelot Gaston as they contend with unexpected brides, the need for an heir, misunderstandings with the French, and Henry Morgan’s ambitions against the Spanish.

Conflicts arise, as Will, former libertine and duelist, haphazard philanthropist and philosopher, negotiates an ever-trickier path betwixt the requirements of his remaining the Viscount of Marsdale and his commitment to his matelot.

Amidst this, Gaston, exiled French nobleman, physician, renowned buccaneer and madman, must learn to control his madness before it destroys them both.

Together, they discover how to nurture love and passion in the face of war, tradition, and the demons of their pasts.

All sample chapters on this site should be considered mature material and unsuitable for younger readers.

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