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     I pushed up painfully to my knees and found him watching me with new tears and concern.
     “You are in misery,” he said hoarsely.
     “Everywhere but my heart,” I said to reassure him, and then knew I should not lie. “Non: oui and non. That is more poetry than truth.” I laid my hand alongside his face and held his gaze on mine. “I only know one thing. I love you. That is all I have. All else is in ruin or embattled.”
     He kissed my palm and met my gaze earnestly. “It is mutual. The only truth I have is you. All else, all the pretty little places I built to hide things, and hold them, and… The houses I have built against the storm. They are all gone. I feel I have no friends, or family, or… nothing, except you.”

Wolves, Raised by Wolves, Volume Four - W. A. Hoffman

Published July, 2010 – Trade Paperback: 978-0-9721098-5-7 - $26.95 – 628 pages Kindle E-book version 978-1-936619-00-9 --$9.99.                 Act Three (volume four): chapters 83 through 117 – wherein Will and Gaston are forced to: father more children, rove on Panama, engage in the final confrontation with Will's father, and forge a future none can take from them.

Destiny in the West Indies

Wherein, Will, reluctant buccaneer, lord, and father, and his beloved matelot Gaston, lord, physician, and former madman, battle wolves for their souls.

The world changes, the buccaneers reach an end of an era as Old World treaties change the rules of plunder in the New World. Will and Gaston wish to war no more, but they find themselves forced to join Morgan's last great raid on Panama--only to be betrayed.

Destiny Unfolds, in the lands of their birth, reaching across the sea to threaten all they hold dear. They must return to England to confront their demons and forge their futures before the wolves tear them to pieces.

Together, they must prove their love can truly endure and conquer all that can be thrown against it.

All sample chapters on this site should be considered mature material and unsuitable for younger readers.

The Trade Paperback editions of our books are available through any online book retailer--such as Amazon. Alien Perspective books are available wholesale through Ingram. There are also Kindle versions available for Brethren, Matelots, and Treasure. The Kindle version of Wolves will eventually be released--hopefully within the lifetime of anyone interested in it...