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Raised by Wolves is an epic gay historical romance - in the classic sense - told in four parts and set in the Caribbean during the infamous buccaneer period of the late 1660’s. This is not a series, per se, but one very long novel divided into four volumes. Each book can be read separately, but it is highly suggested that one starts at the beginning. The story chronicles the pivotal years of the life of duelist and dilettante, John Williams, Viscount of Marsdale, aka Will among the Brethren of the Coast, and his relationship with madman and physician, Gaston the Ghoul, once known as Gabriel Sable, the Comte de Montren.  

Raised by Wolves is the story of a man who embarks on a voyage of self-discovery revolving around his committed relationship to a man far more troubled than he is. This love provides the catalyst for Will to mature, confront the demons of his youth, understand true love, define his spirituality, and determine what kind of legacy he will leave in the world. Raised by Wolves is a character-driven chronicle written in the first person; and it contains psychology, philosophy, gay issues, history, graphic violence, graphic sex, people struggling with the issues of rape and child abuse, colorful and complex secondary characters, a twisting plot involving hidden motives, and lots and lots of romance expressed and defined by the main characters actually talking to one another.

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