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This is Ms. Hoffman's second novel. It is still in print. It is in need of some editing and proofreading. At some point, possibly in the near future, we will take it out of print--either permanently or long enough to fix the errors.

Love & Benjamins is an action adventure romance novel about some ex-spies and some fairly normal women who run afoul of them. If you like Ms. Hoffman's other work, you will probably find it a fun read. But it doesn't have any vampires or M/M romance.

Love & Benjamins - Wynette A. Hoffman

Published 2003 – Trade Paperback: 0-9721098-1-1 – $14.95 - 368 pages

Recipe for Romantic Pulp Adventure


1 Suicidal Lounge Singer

1 Naïve Masochistic Genius

1 Optimistic Interior Designer

1 Recovering Alcoholic Doctor

1 British Thug Turned Mercenary

1 Disillusioned Semi-Double Agent

1 Psychotic Misogynistic KGB Officer

1 Machiavellian Rogue CIA Operative

1 Hundred Million Dollars

Brown in tropical paradise, steep in sex, mix violently with one hurricane. Sprinkle with government agendas, pirates, morphine, an angry army, deluded mercenaries and lots of bullets.

Resulting concoction will contain action, romance, dark humor, adult language, moral flexibility, gender politics, graphic sex and violence, and non-politically correct depictions of rape.

Serves up pulp so thick you could eat it with a fork. May be considered toxic by some individuals. Consume at your own risk.

Men Make You Crazy.
Women Make You Stupid.
It’s Never About the Benjamins.